How to master CSS?

Learn these 3 concepts to master CSS

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I struggled for years with CSS before I mastered it. I mastered it by focusing on the following concepts:

1) Layouts with Flexbox and CSS Grid. This is the most important one.

You need to master both Flexbox and CSS Grid in order to professionally build modern websites & web apps. If you haven't mastered both of them yet, I highly recommend going through my CSS Course.

2) Responsive web design. Your website or web app needs to look good across a wide range of devices and browsers, so you need to master things like media queries (@media).

3) Best practices. You should learn modern, best practices. An example is using the correct unit (don't use the px-unit for your font-sizes, use the rem-unit). If you go through my CSS Course you will pick up these best practices quickly.

Everything else is just details. Granted, there is a 'long tail' of details in CSS... So many random, little things to learn.

But pay special attention to the above concepts and you'll master it soon enough.

By the way, I think CSS is the 'bottleneck' to most websites & web apps. I believe it's the highest-ROI skill you can master.

Before I mastered CSS, I lost a ton of time & energy fiddling around with CSS.

I was learning about advanced JavaScript topics when I couldn't even implement basic layouts in CSS...

So I created a CSS course to help you avoid the same mistake. Check it out here if you're interested.

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